Realtime monitoring dashboard

Version Alpha available at:


ZENOSS is used in the FIBRE testbed to monitor devices’ status of the all Brazilian islands.

To access information about devices’ status of the islands, use the username “guest” and password “guest”.

See the ZENOSS at:



PerfSONAR toolkit is used in the FIBRE testbed to monitor the control plane among all Brazilian islands.

Each Brazilian island has a pair of dedicated PerfSONAR servers to monitor the available bandwidth and network delay.

See the PerfSONAR Dashboard at:


Configuration of monitoring tests

One-way delay (using OWAMP)

This test is continuously performed because it consumes very low bandwidth

Metrics provided: uni-directional delay, packet loss, jitter, duplicate packets

The test send 10 packets / second (0.1 seconds with pauses between every packet). To minimize the amount of stored data while enabling more detailed statistical analysis, measurements are saved as histograms. Every histogram represents the measurements made in the range of 1min.

Uses TCP to the control channel and UDP to send test packets.

  • Protocol: UDP
  • Frequency: every 5 minutes
  • max_ttl: 64
  • Size of packets sent: 40 bytes (not counting the IP / UDP headers)